In-Home Sales Tips


Options. Options. Options. Today’s consumers are completely different then what they were even five years ago. We buy everything differently. Consumers are online looking at reviews, they are looking at different websites, gathering as much information they can about every little product because they want options and they want them now.

Marry Your Conversations. More now than ever we are more inclined to buy from companies or people who show that they care for us as individuals. It is becoming more crucial to express and display to the customer that you are not there to sell them but to actually help and improve their¬†situation. This is why we must relate or “Marry” our conversations to one of four concepts: Your Story, Your Companies Story, Your Equipment,…

Back to Basics. We all know how boring the subject of first impressions can be but it is essential to perfecting the first impression when meeting with new customers. A customer makes up their mind on whether or not they are going to buy from you in the first 60 seconds. Here are some tips to improve your first impression.

One More Step. One of the amazing things about this industry is that there is a ton of seasoned professionals out there who could walk into a home and within a few moments know exactly what needs to be fixed. They will have a proposal and all repairs calculated in under fifteen minutes. This is a professional trait to have but it does come with a downside.